Friday, September 18, 2009

Secret honeymoon

Lasted for sixty years, and increased surprising
When I arrived, the reports of correspondents say that the neighbors are unanimously agreed that the couple lived an ideal life, and no interference problems, never to the house the couple Alsaidyn.

Are sent to the newspaper editors is the most efficient investigation with the couple model, and disseminate it for people to know how to make a happy married life ..


The editor decided to meet with both spouses in private, to a modern objective and does not affect the other party to it.

Husband and began
Sir, Is it true that you are you and your wife Ashtma sixty years in the life of a happily married without any drawbacks?

Yes, my son

And What is the main reason???

This is due to the honeymoon trip

It was the trip to a country which is famous for its mountains magnificent
One day, climbing to Bghlin rented by one of the mountains, where the cars are unable to gain access to those areas.
And after we have come a long way, stop Turkbh mule, my wife and refused to move,

My wife got angry and said: This is the first.

Then able to convince the Mule to continue the journey.

Distance, stop mule, Turkbh my wife again and refused to move

Angry wife and shouted: This is the second

Then able to make the mule to continue the journey

Distance again, stop the mule, my wife and said Turkbh disobedience as in the previous two

My wife came down from the back, and said calmly: and the third.

And then pulled a pistol from her purse and opened fire at the head of Mule, killing him instantly

There were Thairti, and started Aoboukha,
Why did you do that?
How going back now?
How could we pay the price of Mule?

I waited until my wife stopped talking and looked at me calmly and said:

This is the first ........!!!!!!

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